Male and female bell peppers (what???). Could this interesting bell pepper theory possibly be true or is it all talk? Do bell peppers actually have a gender?

The idea is definitely not new but it is something that always gets brought up. 

It is said that you can tell the gender of a bell pepper by looking at its lobes. For example, male bell peppers have 3 lobes whereas female bell peppers have 4.

It is also said that the male ones are best for cooking and the female ones taste best when raw or used for salads. 

On the other hand, many find this theory to be more of an urban legend. In other words, the lobes of a bell pepper has nothing to do with the sex of the plant and more on the varieties of the plant. This simply means, some bell peppers may produce less than 3 lobes or more than 4 lobes- it just depends on the most popular variety of bell peppers in that region.

So what do you think? Is this whole bell pepper shenanigans true or false?

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