High-intensity interval training (HIT) may be far from motivating for many, which is why more and more trainers are combining fast-paced music with their workouts; claiming it to be a key part of the routine. Matthew Stork, a postdoctoral fellow in the School of Health and Exercise Sciences at Canada’s University of British Columbia, Okanagan says that music has the potential of taking back the unpleasantness of being active. This is backed up by a group of researchers who incorporated 24 people in a short 10-minute workout analysis. The HIIT routine was then done with some upbeat motivational music, while others went on without any music.

Participants later reported enjoying the workout with music rather than without, while having their heart-rate and performance match up to their preference. This later scored the term “entrainment,”; the human tendency of matching biological rhythms to that of the music. This goes to show that music will not only motivate us to work out, but it will also lessen the pain of doing it by distracting us. Next time you feel unmotivated to exercise, take your headphones and blast something upbeat, you won’t’ regret it.

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Article by: Catherine Piña